Sawan Mehndi Design

Embrace the Monsoon with Grace: Exquisite Sawan Mehndi Designs.

Every year, the Hindu month of Sawan, also known as Shravan, ushers in a festive spirit filled with devotion, fasting, and celebrations. And what better way to express this festivity than through the timeless art of Mehndi? Here, we bring you an array of simple Mehndi designs perfect for Sawan.

Easy to create yet elegant in their appeal, these Mehndi designs are ideal for everyone, from beginners to experienced artists. So, grab your henna cone and get ready to adorn your hands with these stunning Sawan special Mehndi designs.

Various Mehndi Designs

Special Sawan Mehndi Design

As the sacred month of Sawan engulfs us with its soothing monsoons and vibrant festivities, the tradition of adorning hands with Mehndi, or henna, remains a cherished ritual for many. Sawan, also known as Shravan, is a month particularly dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Therefore, the Mehndi designs drawn during this time often incorporate symbols and motifs associated with him. Let’s explore some breathtaking Sawan Mehndi designs that will add a special touch to your celebrations.

1. Lord Shiva-Inspired Designs

During Sawan, it’s common to see Mehndi designs that honor Lord Shiva, featuring elements like the Trishul (Trident), Damru (Drum), and Lingam. These simple yet deeply symbolic designs beautifully depict the spiritual essence of Sawan.

2. Peacock Designs

The peacock, with its magnificent plumage, is a popular motif in Sawan Mehndi designs. Peacocks are symbols of beauty and monsoon, making them an ideal choice for Sawan Mehndi patterns. You can go for a full-fledged peacock design or a minimalist version depending on your preference.

3. Floral and Leaf Patterns

Sawan marks the arrival of monsoon when nature blooms in its full glory. Floral and leaf patterns in your Sawan Mehndi design can perfectly encapsulate this season’s vibrancy. You can intertwine these patterns with other symbols to create a comprehensive and complex design.

4. Mandala Patterns

Mandalas are spiritual symbols representing the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. A Mandala pattern in your Sawan Mehndi design can be a nod to the spiritual undertones of the season. Starting with a central point, you can extend your design outward with intricate circular patterns.

5. Vines and Paisley Designs

Vines and Paisley designs are timeless classics in the world of Mehndi art. These designs can give a traditional touch to your Sawan Mehndi while keeping it simple and elegant.

Simple Mehndi Design For Sawan

Simple Mehndi design for Sawan is as the name suggests are simple in design and to draw as well.

1. Floral Bliss

Floral patterns are a classic in the world of Mehndi designs. For Sawan, you can opt for simple yet intricate floral patterns that symbolize the blooming of nature during the monsoons. These designs are effortless to create and radiate an aura of simplicity and elegance.

2. Peacock Motif

The peacock, India’s national bird, is considered auspicious and often associated with the monsoon season. A simple peacock motif design can be a perfect tribute to Sawan. Embellish your hands with this easy-to-draw design that captures the essence of the season.

3. Traditional Mandala

A traditional Mandala design, characterized by its geometric patterns, can be a delightful choice for Sawan. This simple Mehndi design starts with a central dot, surrounded by different shapes like circles, squares, or triangles.

4. Leafy Trails

Sawan, being a monsoon month, brings with it a freshness that can be beautifully represented by leafy patterns in your Mehndi design. Create a simple trail of leaves on your hands or fingers to commemorate the greenery Sawan brings.

5. Sawan Inspired Design

To keep the essence of Sawan, consider a Mehndi design featuring elements like the trishul, damru, or Shivling, symbols associated with Lord Shiva, who is particularly revered during this month.

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